Dr. Faust Institute: Pediatrics and Teenage Healthcare in Barcelona

With over 30 years of pediatric experience, our mission extends beyond medical care.

Dr. Faust Institute,  Pediatrics and Teenage Healthcare in Barcelona

With over 30 years of pediatric experience, our mission extends beyond medical care.

Private Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine Specialists in Barcelona

Our team offers private pediatric health services, including screenings, vaccinations, and annual check-ups, as well as specialized care in travel medicine and certification services.

Welcome to the Dr. Faust Institute of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine Specialists

We are dedicated to providing high-quality medical care and comprehensive support for children, adolescents, and their families.

Founded by Dr. Faust, a pediatrician with over 30 years of experience, our team is composed of specialists committed to the health and well-being of young individuals.

Our multicultural approach and understanding of diverse backgrounds make us a trusted reference point for both local and international families in Barcelona.

Committed to supporting your child's health and well-being

We embrace a holistic approach to pediatric care, encompassing essential elements such as nutrition and digital wellness. Our innovative treatments, including biofeedback, offer comprehensive psychological support, ensuring a well-rounded approach to your child’s health.

Dr. Thorsten Faust

A trusted advisor for international families

I have become more than just a pediatrician; I am a trusted advisor and a support pillar for countless international families navigating their new lives.

My personal journey as a parent and resident of this vibrant city enriches my professional expertise, allowing me to offer practical, empathetic guidance that extends beyond the clinic’s doors.

By integrating my work with specialists across various fields, I ensure a comprehensive care plan for every child and teenager under my care, aiming not just for their immediate treatment but for their overall well-being and successful adaptation to their environment.

Our specialized pediatric care & adolescent health services in Barcelona

Culture-sensitive pediatric care

Embracing diversity in health care, we tailor our pediatric services to honor cultural backgrounds.

Screening and annual check-up, vaccinations for children and adolescents

From preventative screenings to vaccinations, we safeguard the health of children and teens.

Special visits for teenagers

Focused on adolescent health, we offer specialized consultations that address the unique needs of teenagers.

Health promotion, nutrition consultation, digital health wellbeing

Promoting holistic health through nutrition, lifestyle guidance, and leveraging digital tools for well-being.

Travel medicine & certifications

Preparing families for safe travels with health advice, vaccinations, and necessary medical certifications.


Utilizing cutting-edge biofeedback techniques to enhance emotional and physiological regulation for healthier lives.

Psychosomatic disorders with a psycho-pediatric team

A collaborative psycho-pediatric approach to address the complex interplay between mind and body in children.

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