• Each person is unique and each case is different.
  • We offer strategies to self-control the mind.
  • Alternative treatment to medication.
  • We provide effective and permanent solutions.
  • The most advanced techniques to ensure success and obtain goals.
  • Personalised evaluation and care.
  • Constant supervision and professional monitoring.


During my studies and foundation year to become a doctor of paediatrics, I was particularly intrigued by psychosomatic medicine. The analysis and evaluation of the symptoms of affected people, at times extremely subtle, can only be done by taking the impact on their family and social setting into account.

Children and adolescents frequently reveal their experiences through their bodies. The interaction between the psyche and the body is the essential foundation for finding their road as a human being through this life.

I am fascinated by the speed at which the worries, burdens or distress of children, adolescents and adults are transformed into physical illnesses or disturbances.

My primary goal is to exclude organic causes, which is done through in-depth examination. If they are excluded, we work with the patients and their families to search for other possible causes. This is where my second challenge starts: to ensure that therapeutic measures are always based on the interested parties' needs.

In this regard, biofeedback and especially neurofeedback techniques have proven to be the most effective, as well as representing therapy that allows for a high degree of individualisation in the multimodal treatment context.

Particularly convincing to me is the effect of self-efficacy, where patients recover or discover control over their own bodies, brains and emotions. With the assistance of new technologies and psychotherapeutic methods, we help patients to direct their vision to their inner worlds.

This experience to improve self-control also increases self-esteem.

We see particularly astounding effects on children and adolescents who are trained in biofeedback and neurofeedback and have successful experiences, seeing themselves positively reflected in their interactions with their surroundings.


Dr. Faust

Dr. Thorsten Faust

Dr. Thorsten Faust is director of the Dr. Faust Institute for Pediatrics and Bio-Neurofeedback since 2002 at the Hospital Quirón Teknon. He is medical advisor of the German Consulate Barcelona, German School Barcelona and SEAT S.A.

Specialist in pediatrics and adolescent medicine, he is an expert therapist in Biofeedback (DgfBFB) and in Neurofeedback (DgfBFB) . Has a degree in Nutritional medicine (DGEM) and holds a certificate as a trainer of child Asthma (GPA).

He studied medicine and worked at the university hospitals in Frankfurt, Würzburg and Cologne/Germany.
Faust is part of multiple organizations such as the Catalan Society of Pediatrics (SCP) , Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP), Academy of Medical Sciences de la Salut i de Catalunya i Balears, Berufsverband der Kinder -und Jugendärzte (BVKJ), Gesellschaft für pädiatrische Allergologie (GPA), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährungsmedizin (DGEM) , Society for Applied Neuroscience (SAN).

Vanessa Renau

Vanessa Renau

Degree in Psychology (Ramon Llull University, 2009).
Graduate Diploma in Constructivist Psychotherapy at the University of Barcelona (2011).

Master’ s degree in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Child and Adolescent Psychology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (2014).

At the Bio-Neurofeedback Institute she works with children, adolescents and families by providing assessment, psycho-diagnosis and therapy to deal emotional, behavioral and learning difficulties.
Since 2010 she is research fellow at the Faculty of Psychology, Education and Sport Sciences, Blanquerna (URL). She collaborates in projects related to youth and the new technologies and is currently finishing her PhD in Psychology on Identity in Social Networks. Some of her publications can be found in Journals Anuario de Psicologia and Aloma.

Ursula Oberst

Ursula Oberst

Ursula Oberst, Ph.D., is a psychologist and associate professor at Ramon Llull University in Barcelona.

She was trained as counsellor in Adler's Individual Psychology and has a large experience of working with adults, children and families.
Apart from her scientific papers, she has published several books on Adlerian Psychology and family counselling.
In our practice, she provides intervention with parents and families, in English and German.